PolicyMicWhy Do You Loathe Congress But Love Your Congressman? May 9, 2013

Working Families Flexibility Act: Increases Flexibility For Employers, Not Workers, April 30, 2013

Feminism is On the Rise No Matter What Polls Say, April 18, 2013

From Morocco to Denmark: Rape survivors around the world are forced to marry attackers

Women Under Siege, May 2, 2012

Women Under Siege“The crime of rape is still legally tied to the victim’s marital status and perceived sexual activity. On the one hand, the law does not recognize rape within a marriage as a punishable crime, as sex is seen as “owed” to a husband; on the other, it adheres to sexist notions of “purity” by meting out a double punishment if the rapist has “taken” the victim’s virginity. And the sort of legal practice that forces victims to marry their rapists is not unique to Morocco.”

Student perspective: Catholic universities must embrace discussion on sex and reproductive health

Feministing, April 11, 2013

Feministing Screenshot“Students need accurate information about reproductive health and the support of adults they can trust.  When a university silences its students on reproductive health, it makes it impossible for them to have the conversations they need to have to be healthy, which includes healthy relationships.  There’s at atmosphere of mistrust towards authorities on an issue where students need the most support.”

Palestinian businesswomen finding their own solutions

Common Ground News Service, October 30, 2012

Common Ground Screenshot“Discussions about Arab women in US media and policy circles tends to focus on cultural restrictions to their participation in public life, and non-profit and government programmes often seek ways to change cultural attitudes. But Abu Ghaith demonstrates that it may be more productive to focus first on the wider social, political and economic realities that affect both men and women.”

Court of Public Opinion Free to Fight Hate Speech

The Hoya, Opinion, October 26, 2012

Hoya Screenshot“On a topic that too often incites a squabbling match rather than meaningful debate, Jews, Christians and Muslims have refused to take the AFDI’s bait. Instead, they are using it as an opportunity to come together against intolerance. Juxtaposed with the AFDI’s ad referring to human beings as savages, the ads calling for peace, love and justice expose the AFDI ad for what it really is: racist, cynical and hateful. They shame the AFDI for dishonoring its right to free speech so egregiously.”

The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, Junior Year Abroad Network

Berkley Center ScreenshotNo Honor in Crime: Jordanian Women Change the Conversation about Honor Killings, December 3, 2011

The Concept of Honor Unites Religions in Jordan, October 28, 2011


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