Post on Feministing: Catholic universities must embrace discussion on reproductive health

This Monday, April 8, Georgetown Take Back the Night and H*yas for Choice hosted two editors of the blog Feministing, Lori Adelman and Chloe Angyal, for a panel on sexual assault and reproductive health on college campuses.  I spoke about my experiences at a Catholic university and the campus climate around reproductive health issues.  They generously invited me to write a post for Feministing on my thoughts.  Here’s an excerpt:

All this silence, all this mistrust and confusion, sends students the message that sex is bad and dirty and not to be talked about. But the problem goes beyond how to get people the resources they need when talking about contraception or abortion is taboo. How can we talk about and promote healthy sexual experiences in a place that tells us sex is bad?

If we’re trying to combat sexual assault, it’s not enough to teach women how not to get raped.  On college campuses, 90% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone known to the victim.  These are our acquaintances and friends, members of our community, people we see every day – and that means there’s something deeply wrong in how we relate to each other.  We need to teach men and women how to build healthy relationships and honest, communicative, consensual sexual relationships.  We need to create a culture of consent, where people feel empowered to define their boundaries and respectful of the boundaries of others.

You can read the full post on Feministing here.

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  1. John said:

    Dear Morgan, I posted you on my Facebook page so all my friends can read just how eloquent,sensitive and smart you about your convictions! Big hugs, John

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